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I may not have a permanent account, but I do have this:

We managed to break the belt (oops) while trying it out in the shop, but that's OK. The belt was old and worn, and I can get a new one for $9 in the city. I used my l33t sk1llz to search, and then pick up the telephone. Magic.

And guess what? It's lasted at least fifty years. I'm sure it'll still be around after goes under.

I still wish I had a permanent account. Maybe I'll renew my paid account soon.
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We just got a package. It's our Truly Victorian patterns! Including my corselets pattern (sooo much cooler than those wide belts young ladies have been affecting lately), and my polonaise pattern, which I have been coveting since seeing Trystan L. Bass's sushi polonaise. And, of course, most importantly, the Victorian underwear pattern, including two corset patterns and DRAWERS, which we will make for wearing under our morris skirts, for fainting in 37°C heat due to thick, woolly black stockings is NOT COOL, YO.

Also, I have just updated some icons, some new, some old. Check out my "jazz-era" icon for a suggestion of what my current hairstyle looks like, and my "morris dancing" icon for a picture of my skirt, and my special morris-dancing Doc Martens.

Also also, you'd better believe that the Victorian train ride will take place again (with the addition of some morris-dancing friends, no doubt). And for those of you invited to my our jazz-era picnic next year, I shall be wearing this dress. Invitations should be sent out by the weekend.

Also also also, I have put up a new post (well, and recipe) at Reynard's Feast. This is the first at the new address, and it is also the first to include a picture. I am EXCITED. I have also picked out some coding and pictures for a sidebar ... I want to make it look spiffy soon. And create a small icon to put in my LJ when I have updated it.


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