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I've just discovered that there is PURPLE ASPARAGUS. That's being added to my future Purple Garden Bed along with purple-sprouting broccoli, purple cabbage, purple potatoes, and all the other purple veggies that I have discovered.

I think I need to start a list

Holy Heru!

Dec. 28th, 2007 03:48 pm
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... Dylan Moran was right. Melbourne is 30cm from the surface of the sun. I went into our back garden to discover that the sage I planted out yesterday (present from Smallest Sister) was still looking wilty. I was concerned.

Not as concerned, however, as when I discovered Mysterious Serrated-Leaved Seedling That I Always Secretly Hoped Was Strawberry, which spontaneously grew from a box of worm castings, was dried to crispy (it was fine this morning!). As in, "I pressed this between filter paper and two Yellow Pages for six months" crispy. Searching the garden bed for the three basil plants I planted out yesterday (also from Smallest Sister) had almost vanished, they were so burnt. There were sad little green stems topped by shrunken brown leaves. WTF?? Two of them only got morning sunlight, and are now in shade. Sure, the control plant I planted on the other side of the garden might be expected to be a little crispy. But all of them?

I have watered the bed, as well as Egbert, our eggplant (SS again. I was treated this Christmas), to within an inch of their lives. I used up the last few litres of rainwater I had saved from the horrific rainstorms we had earlier this week.
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"Why waste land, if you have it, on things you can't eat? And why not have some fresh produce on hand in case of the inevitable zombie invasion." – Survive LA

I find this so inspiring. PIRATE GARDENING! It's actually something I've thought of myself, and Steph's plan to plant secret rocket (arugula to you Americans) in our rented backyard is certainly along the same lines. FREE VEGETABLES FOR ALL!!

Also, I believe I would like some more purple vegetables in my life. Hugh (F-W) taught me of the existance of purple sprouting broccoli, and now I discover there is purple cauliflower. How awesome is that?? Maybe (the eternal clause of "once we have our own place") I'll have a garden bed entirely devoted to purple. It will be AWESOME.

I'm still sick, but getting better. Steph, though, has finally succumbed to a week and a half's worth of germ invasion, and is sniffling grumpily on the couch (with one of Nat's Ultimate X-Men comics). We may not get to garden today, I guess. It's cold, and it's been raining on and off pretty solidly for the last couple of days. I'm considering bringing my marconi rossi capsicum plants inside so their soil doesn't get too waterlogged. Still, can't complain. We need the rain!


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