May. 3rd, 2009 07:41 pm
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I decided recently that I wanted to draw a labyrinth in our front yard. It's just a tiled driveway, but since none of the three of us owns a car, it's not being used for anything else.

I've been fascinated by labyrinths for ages. I like the meditativeness of them. There is/was one in Clifton Hill that I've walked several times. For me, they are like a physical descent to/ascent from the underworld.

Last weekend I bought a packet of chalk. Today I designed and drew it out. I began with a Greek design from the back of a coin. I found it at this website; it's the third down on the right (Hera/labyrinth). I had to modify it so it would fit the space AND have large enough paths to be easily walkable. I wound up modifying it quite a bit, and then using Excel to make sure it was all working, since we didn't have any graph paper.

I was going to wait until it was light again to photograph it, but I was amazed at how it seemed to be almost glowing in the dark. It's drawn with chalk, but after I drew the boundaries I went over it again with wet chalk (using up almost the whole 16-stick packet), because chalk that goes on wet doesn't get rained off as easily. I'm hoping it lasts a little while (one of the rare occasions where our drought might be useful?), but I'm keeping the paper design handy in case. And I guess I should probably buy another packet of chalk.


Mar. 18th, 2009 08:42 pm
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I made a ball of wool on Sunday when I learnt to spin, and Monday I lost it. It was found again Monday night where it had fallen at the base of our household altar. Monday night also brought Marilla, my friend who taught me to spin, to take away her spinning wheel, and bring me the surprise of one of her friend's, on indefinite loan.

Monday took away from me with one hand, but gave back with the other.

Tuesday night I finally bit the bullet and decided that yes, I was going to buy a second-hand melodeon from Nigel of Britannia. It's one just like the illustration in the Wikipedia article, actually. And as the article says, it's for the accompaniment of Morris dancing.

I've been reading the Owl's Wings blog through my Google Reader feed, and I'm starting to feel inspired to work through the Artist's Way again.

Even simply reading [ profile] yuki_onna's In the Cities of Coin and Spice with its richness of story, beside which I feel quite inadequate, is inspiring.

I am not writing at the moment, but I am starting to feel buoyed on an ocean of the creative and the numinous.
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Guess what I did today? I learnt to spin. Marilla brought over her spinning wheel, a drop spindle (and a couple of spindle shafts), wool and various other accoutrements. I learnt at the wheel, and spun two bobbins full, then plyed those together into one. I know how to do this pretty well now, because I had to more or less teach myself how to ply. Marilla gave instructions, but had gone home by then.

Unfortunately she'll be taking back her wheel tomorrow, so I'll have to get myself a drop spindle and learn how to use that in the interim.

I'M SO PROUD. I KNOW HOW TO SPIN, man. And my wool looks pretty good for a first attempt. I might try to crochet something small.

I also helped Steph felt this gorgeous wall hanging she designed.

SPINNING. FELTING. My Sunday was so crafty. It was splendiferous.
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Monday 19/1: Played for Morris practice. Began learning Soldier's Joy (tune to Four-Hand Reel), practiced the Bunch of Fives tune.
Tuesday 20/1: Practiced Bunch of Fives & Soldier's Joy, and probably other tunes too.
Wednesday 21/1: Practiced Bunch of Fives & Soldier's Joy, and probably other tunes too.
Thursday 22/1: Practiced Bunch of Fives & Soldier's Joy, and probably other tunes too.

[Holy crap, self. You need to make more of an effort here. Though granted I didn't note these days down, so maybe I did something else creative as well.]
Friday 23/1: Errands of DOOM day. Worked on a SoulCollage card (Prostitute). Dani date/creative prep: went to the bead shop and had a browse. Bought Morris bells, some random beads for projects that have been waiting on same, beads for an akhu rosary, and some supplies for super sekrit projects for Steph's birthday. Also went to Lincraft and bought some new yarn for the snood I want to crochet. Also bought a beautiful turned wood crochet hook to go with it.
Saturday 24/1: Put together the akhu rosary.
Sunday 25/1: Gardened. Began to work on the snood (chained, did first row and half of second).
Monday 26/1: Pulled out most of the work I did on the snood on Sunday, and crocheted lots more. Got up to row 12. Creative maintenance: Began organising recipe folder.

Today I've been pretty awesome. I did ALL our handwashing and got it hanging out the back in front of our GIANT GREENHOUSE-LIKE WINDOW before it got too hot. This will hopefully reduce (at least slightly) the speed at which the backroom heats up today when it reaches FOUR MILLION DEGREES around two to three o'clock.

I also worked on and finished the first of Steph's birthday present-projects and got it wrapped up and put in my creative/present/electronics drawer. I'm feeling pretty awesome about that. I took photos, and I'll put them up after Steph's birthday, which is MARCH 9. How ahead of time and organised am I??
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I discovered last month that Thalia Took has a blog called Amused Grace. There she writes about her creative process (or creative struggle, perhaps I should say. Those of my friends who identify as artists and writers will know what I mean by that), and also does a weekly reading from her Goddess Oracle Deck.

She's participating in several personal challenges (including a personal 100 Toys project), which inspires me. I think that if your art isn't your primary occupation, challenges and projects are a way of ensuring you carve out time for yourself.

One of the challenges is the Creative Every Day Challenge 2009. I've decided to participate in this. It'll be good to feed my creative soul, particularly once I go back to full-time work.

An edited quote about the challenge:
Creativity is meant in the broadest sense, so it doesn't have to be something art related. Your creative acts could be in cooking, taking pictures, knitting, doodling, writing, dancing, decorating, singing, playing with your kids, brainstorming ideas, gardening, or making art in the form of collage, paint, or clay...or whatever!
This is a low pressure challenge, with the idea of bringing more creativity into our lives. I will not be the creativity police. I hope that we can all find ways, simple and grand to express our creative selves. Have fun with it!

Here's what I've done so far:
Thursday 8/1: decorated a few more pages in my diary with my new stamps, made banana muffins (modifying the recipe a bit), worked on my SoulCollage: arranged all the parts for my Rebel card, and picked out images for 10-11 other cards.
Friday 9/1: did a little editing on Shadow Boys , decorated another double-page spread in my diary, came up with a concept for a new novel.

I'm really excited about this. I'll try to keep track of my creativity log in my LJ.


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