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So, between getting costochondritis last year and going from 6-7 hours of exercise (mostly yoga, but also morris) per week to getting literally none, and the fact that Steph and I really really like our food and were treating ourselves a bit too much, I've put on about 10 kg in the last year and a half. I've actually moved into the "obese" range by about 2–3 kilos – just enough that I feel it, but it's a small enough amount that most people think that I'm being neurotic.

Steph and I are thus trying to eat better, and more Fuhrman-friendly. The main aim is to get the most bang for your buck (nutrition per calorie) possible. Part of that is cutting out refined grains & flour, and minimising unrefined grains and flour to only one serve per day.

One of the recipes I'm making for dinner this week is cabbage nori rolls (surprise, babe! It's not actually sushi). And since I apparently ordered half a red cabbage instead of 500g of red capsicum (rassa frassa stupid cookies resetting), which Steph won't eat, I decided to give them a trial run for today's lunch.

OMG so good. I love cabbage, especially red cabbage, and this is just so nomable. And quick and easy to make. Especially since I left out the baked tofu (too much bother for lunch when I'm this hungry). I didn't use the sweet corn either, but did put in some pickled roast red capsicum, which works well since lots of sushi has a pickle of some sort in it (I like the bright yellow one). I also didn't steam the carrot, since I like crunch and it's more Fuhrman-friendly that way. I also added some alfalfa sprouts for added virtue, and because we had them in the fridge. Those sprouts go off quickly. You can technically eat them with soy sauce and everything. I didn't because it was delicious as was, and also because I had two-thirds of my daily recommended intake of salt at breakfast with my miso soup. If you're interested (and likely to make it yourself), I found that 1/4 of a medium-sized cabbage made about three nori rolls. I sort of chopped the cabbage into strips, but I think it would be better if it was more shredded.

Joys of red cabbage: it leaks purple. Things that are now purple include: my fingers (though some of that may be from the 5 cherries I had for "breakfast"), the knife, the chopping board, bits of our sushi mat. I also discovered that red cabbage steaming water does NOT turn purple. It turns bright blue, like "am I pregnant" or "not menstrual blood on this pad at all, but see how absorbant it is" blue.

Yum. Totally having for lunch tomorrow.

(Copied almost verbatim to Reynard's Feast, because I need to get that beast moving again.)
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I haven't updated for awhile, and I didn't even notice (much), because I've been updating Reynard's Feast like a madwoman. I still have Indonesian Tempeh, Nettle Soup and Golden Lasagne to type up. I'm trying to get them up while the foods are still in season, so I should get those up in the next week or so.

I'm still working on The Design Book From Hell. It's frustrating, because every time I think I'm nearly done, the finish line gets moved back a few metres. Guess I'm not going to get that other book completely finished this week (not that I thought I would).

Crap, I've just remembered that I was planning on getting in to work in an hour (in case the author drops by to sign off), which means I need to leave now. Well, actually I was going to get in at 10, but that's completely unrealistic.

Dammit, I'm no damn good in the morning!

Also, I really like Tori Amos' new song "Big Wheel", but it is very earwormy and then gets stuck in my brainmeats.
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So, those of you who have [ profile] reynardsfeast on your friends' lists might have noticed that the feed has been fixed, as it just posted everything to LJ.

Sorry about that.

But on the up side, the feed's fixed!


May. 22nd, 2007 12:08 pm
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I have been virtuous, and actually updated Reynard's Feast.

I'm hoping to do some more with it soon, when I get the time: I need to get new feeds, and tell LJ what the new feeds are, so that the LJ feed works, and I want to actually get some images up so it doesn't look butt-ugly. I also want to write up the folktale and post that somehow on the site, too.

But for the moment, there's a cake recipe, and later in the week there'll probably be a nettle soup recipe.
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We just got a package. It's our Truly Victorian patterns! Including my corselets pattern (sooo much cooler than those wide belts young ladies have been affecting lately), and my polonaise pattern, which I have been coveting since seeing Trystan L. Bass's sushi polonaise. And, of course, most importantly, the Victorian underwear pattern, including two corset patterns and DRAWERS, which we will make for wearing under our morris skirts, for fainting in 37°C heat due to thick, woolly black stockings is NOT COOL, YO.

Also, I have just updated some icons, some new, some old. Check out my "jazz-era" icon for a suggestion of what my current hairstyle looks like, and my "morris dancing" icon for a picture of my skirt, and my special morris-dancing Doc Martens.

Also also, you'd better believe that the Victorian train ride will take place again (with the addition of some morris-dancing friends, no doubt). And for those of you invited to my our jazz-era picnic next year, I shall be wearing this dress. Invitations should be sent out by the weekend.

Also also also, I have put up a new post (well, and recipe) at Reynard's Feast. This is the first at the new address, and it is also the first to include a picture. I am EXCITED. I have also picked out some coding and pictures for a sidebar ... I want to make it look spiffy soon. And create a small icon to put in my LJ when I have updated it.


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