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Eugh. This is the second week in a row that I've had lack of sleep (stupidly late night Tuesday night), and it's really screwed me over for the amount of writing I've been able to do after work. However! I did write 1500 words tonight, and I'm starting to get into the next bit of Plot. And I am getting *very* near the end; I rather suspect the first draft will come in *under* 50,000, even if the next draft doesn't.

So tired. Steph has many of our friends in the lounge room, including Liam, who is about to leave the country for three years (at least. *sadface*), but I am too tired. I am going to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow I can write much more. I rather suspect I won't "win" NaNo this year (yet again), but at least I am so very much closer to finally finishing my novel.


Nov. 26th, 2008 09:53 pm
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I am writing my NaNo in Google Docs, and it is currently entering multiple line breaks (not just spaces) between all my paragraphs.

You know, so it looks like this.

Which makes it really hard to read over what you've done in the last few paragraphs.

      Also they're adding in mysterious spaces at the beginnings of lines that I did not put in there.


In other news, I have Important Stuff to blog about, that happened to me at my sister's Speech Night of all things (last night). Now: to bed.
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Although I've always been against the Sinister Infiltration of the Australian Culture by our American Imperialist Overlords, I am all for our adoption of Thanksgiving (although not its destruction of Native Peoples undertones). This is for two reasons:

1. My American friends have made me like pumpkin pie (and pumpkin brownies. Who would have thought it would be delicious? Here pumpkin is a savoury). Also it is a holiday solely revolving around FOOD, which is a concept I can firmly get behind.
2. How the crap am I meant to get my novel done without a long weekend at the end of this week?? Seriously. My daily required wordcount is getting so large as to be positively staggering.
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I never knew Greek fire was so awesome. Especially that we still don't know what it was made of. The Doctor from my NaNo is having a little mad-scientist geekfest in my brain that is encouraging me to put fingers to keys.

Thanks, Wikipedia.
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I'm trying to prepare my characters with the tools and weapons they will need to defeat the Evil That Stalks the Book, and I keep running dry on what to prepare them with. Some dark corner of my mind keeps going FLAMETHROWER!!, but I'm not sure that's so wise in an enclosed space. And in a YA novel.


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