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Ohhh, I want to crawl off somewhere and be sick. This move needs to be over already. I've been sick with more frequency in the last month than I have since going vegan.

I think I'm going to work on the puberty book a bit more tonight. I've just had a look at how far through I am and I'M NOT EVEN 1/20th THERE! This is scary.

I should go make dinner, but I'm not really feeling up to it, and it's hard to feel inspired when you're nauseous. All I really want is a good, hearty, plain dhal. Maybe I'll just make that.

Also, it hardly feels like I didn't go to work today since my boss called me about two or three times to discuss the MS I'm working on in office. Bah.

Edit to add: I've just discovered the word "pinny" in the puberty book, to refer to the vagina. Ahahahaha. This kills me.

On the other hand, what sort of slang word is that? The only thing I know of being called a pinny is an apron; otherwise, it brings to mind some sort of pincushion.
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I am fricking tired. Once again I end up tireder at the end of the weekend than at the beginning, but I suspect that the end of Daylight Savings may have something to do with it.

I have been so tired lately, as I have been working two jobs (both part time). So today was my last day at The Nursing Home, and I manage to agree to work at Another Nursing Home for two days this week. I only agreed to Mum passing my mobile on because I thought I'd be a last resort. I guess I was. At least I can leave early. I have them at my mercy, mwaha.

This means that his week, I will be working three jobs: the first nursing home, that I've just finished, the second nursing home (Wednesday and Friday), and my Actual Job (Tuesday and Thursday). And let's not forget the freelance editing I have to do for my Actual Job (just worked a bit on it right now, as a matter of fact, but it's hard to concentrate with V upstairs having TV louder than humanly copable), and the edit of an academic paper for smooth use of English (author is Danish), which I said I'd do this week.


I'm not allowed to worry about money. Whenever I do, I get myself woefully overcommitted. Whether the overcommittedness is my fault (through money worry) or the universe's (she's worried she doesn't work enough! Let's give her LOTS to do) seems a moot point.

I can't wait for next week, when all I'll have to do is ... pack and move house. Argh.
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The best thing you can do with your submission to a publisher is to put page numbers at the bottom. Especially when your book is over 180 pages, not including prelims and multiple copies of the front page.

Printing it in a sensible, easy-to-read font like Times or Courier are also helpful, especially if an editor is going to have to spend many, many hours working on it. Fonts like Papyrus don't always have full symbol sets, and may do wonky things to the spacing between letters.

Printing it out in black, with no fussy page border is also favourite. Lilac is really not the best colour for your Ms. Trust me on this.

An Editor.
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In our next house, I will have a study closed off from the rest of the house, where I can work without having to listen to country music repetitive bubble-gum techno repetitive pop from upstairs (which I loathe, but not as much as C&W) loud country music and loud-dulled Tori from the bedroom (whose music is catchy and doesn't allow me to concentrate well).

At least Harry had a door on his Room Under The Stairs.


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