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I began sketching the outlines of this in my head on the tram this morning; one of my resolutions this week vis-à-vis The Artist's Way was to make more of an attempt to incorporate my spirituality in my life. I thought a prayer to Thoth, specifically tailored to my work, would be nice. [ profile] sannion asked for prayer/poetry submissions for Neos Alexandria this afternoon, and one of the gods he wanted things for was Thoth, so I got myself into gear.

Prayer to Thoth )
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So on Non-Fluffy Pagans, there was a discussion on whether or not the spelling "magick" should be used and why.

Ratatosk (squirrel of discord), had this to say:
Words are maps of ideas. If the word conveys the idea, then how important in the spelling?

This made my editorial brain whirring (it's one of those, Why bother doing what you do questions). I'm reposting here, because it's one of those flashes of clarity one rarely gets:
"Correct" spelling is a politeness to your readers, as is "correct" grammar. If words (and sentences) are maps of ideas, using "correct" spelling and grammar is a map using commonly understood symbols for the paths and quagmires within. "Bad" spelling and grammar is the same map, but using uncommon symbols that your reader is unfamiliar with so they have to keep referring to the key. Sometimes there is no key. Sometimes the same symbol means two things, or the symbol for "road" may change several times over the course of the map. Your reader may take a wrong turn once or twice along the way.

Both will (probably) get you to the same place, but one will get your reader there faster and in a better mood.
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I am fricking tired. Once again I end up tireder at the end of the weekend than at the beginning, but I suspect that the end of Daylight Savings may have something to do with it.

I have been so tired lately, as I have been working two jobs (both part time). So today was my last day at The Nursing Home, and I manage to agree to work at Another Nursing Home for two days this week. I only agreed to Mum passing my mobile on because I thought I'd be a last resort. I guess I was. At least I can leave early. I have them at my mercy, mwaha.

This means that his week, I will be working three jobs: the first nursing home, that I've just finished, the second nursing home (Wednesday and Friday), and my Actual Job (Tuesday and Thursday). And let's not forget the freelance editing I have to do for my Actual Job (just worked a bit on it right now, as a matter of fact, but it's hard to concentrate with V upstairs having TV louder than humanly copable), and the edit of an academic paper for smooth use of English (author is Danish), which I said I'd do this week.


I'm not allowed to worry about money. Whenever I do, I get myself woefully overcommitted. Whether the overcommittedness is my fault (through money worry) or the universe's (she's worried she doesn't work enough! Let's give her LOTS to do) seems a moot point.

I can't wait for next week, when all I'll have to do is ... pack and move house. Argh.
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I just finished the structural/line edit I was doing for [ profile] cupiscent. I think I've been pretty thorough, and I have finally gained confidence in my structural skillz, as I completely re-ordered the book to make it non-sucky.

Steph and I also spent all of Australia Day (I am not even remotely exaggerating), as well as the morning of the next day, cooking for [ profile] daharja's birthing ritual on Saturday.

Went to see Pan's Labyrinth Thursday night with Jess (and the last-minute addition of her friend-from-work Andrea). It was fabulous, if rather violent. The imagery was up on par with MirrorMask. We did have some problems with bits of the plot, though, and felt that there was a fatal flaw in the ending. No reviewers seem to have picked this up yet, but Jess and I are old fantasyhands, who probably understand the genre better than laypeople.

Rock on. I'm so relieved. Everything's over ... except the sewing for my party(!). I'm almost ready for my next temp assignment, so long as they give me a couple of days to finally do some things for me, like buy a diary for this year, and get some of this interminable sewing completed. Curse you, silk chiffon. I will never try your like again.
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I am so stressed. My shoulder muscles have moved beyond "tense", through "burning-muscle tense" into "white-hot pain tense". Ow.

What has caused this tension, I hear you ask? Well, I have been wrangling a design book for [ profile] cupiscent (or rather, her workplace), cooking Mexican food for dinner (a mistake; far too many dishes to wash up, especially sans [ profile] earlymorningair, calling [ profile] daharja to arrange the catering for her birthing ritual, emailing with various people re: same, wrangling with the stupid laptop, clearing out leftovers from the fridge, doing stupid amounts of washing up, packing for class tonight, packing up dinner, and doing an approximate tidy of the bedroom.

I have not fucking stopped. Now, I'd better get back to writing up my editorial report. I have to leave in twenty minutes, and what with going in to the city tomorrow to deliver the job & doing the shopping for the ritual, I need to get as much done tonight as possible.


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