changeling: (circus)

Becoming Isis, putting Osiris back together

even in the midst of your weeping or rage.

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Birthdate:Feb 27
Formerly delirieuse.

Also a trained editor; regrettably obsessed with semi-colons, the correct placement of apostrophes and commas. Loves odd and quirky words, like "crepuscular".

Also a writer; will any day now finish her first novel, and possibly some of the others she's begun.

Also a morris dancer. Knows how to rant ... and how to rant backwards. And sideways. And on your foot, in wooden-soled English clogs. Knows the difference between North-West Clog Morris (short sticks of dowel with tinkly bells and ribbons attached; garlands of ivy; shoes that could break a man's instep and have been known to strike sparks on cobblestones) from Cotswold Morris (shinpads covered in bells, some of them an inch across; sticks the height of a toddler and about an inch thick that are whacked together in anger; martial morris). Longs for the day when she will get a pair of wooden-soled industrial footwear of her very own. Until then, will dance in Doc Martens. Loves that she dances the only style of dancing in the world where Doc Martens is a sensible form of footwear.

She also knows how to step-clog, which is like tap but older and more awesome. Mostly because of the clogs.

Bellydances. Can do strange and wonderful things with her core muscles.

Plays melodeon increasingly competently. Is teaching herself cello in the folk tradition, since she has neither the time nor the money for lessons.

May one day actually be paid for these talents.

Oh – and is a Græco-Egyptian polytheist, who believes in the immanence of the divine and the ecstasy of prayer; that the gods speak to us; that sometimes all you get is the divine answering machine (but that they'll probably get back to you); that sometimes it's synchronicity, sometimes it's a set-up; that Wicca is an initiatory mystery tradition and not a synonym for all forms of modern witchcraft; that all gods and all goddesses cannot be reduced (by rapid simmer) to One God and One Goddess and that this was probably an Outer Court myth, and that God is a Flower.

Prefers being known as a "Sapphic" (rather than the "L-word"). She enjoys Louise Brooks hairstyles, Lord Peter Wimsey novels, corsetry and the stitching of her own anachronistic clothing. She plans one day on re-enacting her Victorian-costumed train trip on Puffing Billy, and has also hosted a jazz-era picnic.

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amanda fucking palmer, banjolele, bones, bread!, catherynne valente, cello, contra dance, diana wynne jones, doctor who, dorothy sayers, felafel & hummus, graeco-egyptian paganism, heka, house, learning too many instruments, living forever through veganism, melodeons, mustard, north-west clog morris, nymphs, pagan prayer beads, phryne fisher, seamed stockings, shivanautery, sj tucker, the spooky men's chorale, tori amos, vintage clothes, white collar, zoe keating
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