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Okay, flist, I have a challenge for you.

I need Benedick/Claudio slash. Seriously.

I just saw Bell Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, which I have (shame) never seen before, or read more than a precis of. I completely fell in love with Beatrice (who was beautiful and snarky, be still my beating heart), and I may be a little queer for Benedick too. Who was completely in love with Claudio, who was oblivious.

I need me some Benedick/Claudio slash, and if it includes Benedick/Beatrice, that's all to the better. Especially if it convinces me how Beatrice falls in love with Benedick, because I was JUST NOT CONVINCED BY THAT, SHAKESPEARE. Your/the actor's Benedick falling in love was gorgeously done, but Beatrice? Please. I believed it by the second half, but not at all in the first.

Also also? Benedick coming up to Beatrice as she's crying over her poor cousin and going "BTW, I love you". I totally wanted Beatrice to turn around and go, "NOW IS NOT THE TIME. Come back tomorrow. Srsly dude, have a heart."

Please, someone tell me there is a fandom for these two. Please. This is my new favourite Shakespeare play.

(Also, Austen stole heavily from this play for Pride & Prejudice, Y/Y? Discuss.)
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Reading Skybird, an Inception/White Collar crossover (shut up, three-piece suits are my crack).

One of the things I love best about the White Collar fandom is that so many of the fics finish with links to images of art. This is my new favourite piece from the first part of Skybird. It is apparently "L'Yerres, pluie" by Gustave Caillebotte. It just makes me want to wade into the river.

Bedtime now.
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I finally got paid today, which was very relieving due to the fact that I was stony broke, due to unfortunate circumstances, slight mismanagement of money, a folk festival and CHRISTMAS. I also forgot, between the delicious organic BBQ chips & nachos for dinner that if I have too many chips with their salty goodness, I get a headache. But it was almost worth it.

Besides work, where I am working on a book I do not love, with software programs I really do not love (Dear Microsoft. I haaaaate you. And everyone who worked on PowerPoint. Ever), today was pure awesome.

Jess and I went down the street for lunch, where we sat outside in the shade and ate burgers, and got amazing gelati to eat on our walk back. I got lemon and blood orange, and the blood orange, MMm. Doing that again.

And then, on my way home, I read this fic recced by Copperbadge. I've never watched Merlin (or been a BNF in any fandom), but this isn't about Merlin. It's about fandom, and my gods. I've been part of LJ fandom since first year (of uni), which, for those of you that are counting, was ten years ago. I may not be active anymore, but these? These are my people. <3.

I got home, and did a half-arsed job of unpacking the groceries, and I watched the latest White Collar while making "dinner" and soup for later. AND LO, IT WAS AWESOME. Peter on a horse, people. This episode was everything I love about White Collar rolled up in a tight package and then dusted with, I don't know, crushed vegan tim-tams or something. (I've been eating them all week with my tea. Don't judge me.) SO GOOD.

And then, and then? The December edition of Omikuji by Cat Valente was in my inbox. And it was so amazing. My heart grew three sizes. Just, wow.

Also, I got a message from my girl today. And that was lovely.

See, I knew there was a reason I put on my pretty purple silk dress, and my favourite seamed stockings and my straw cloche hat today, despite being under the weather. Some days just need you to dress up.
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I won't really be on Livejournal much for the next week or so, as I estimate that's how long it will take me to read the final book. I'm trying to be really good, and not lose a whole day of work by reading it all in one sitting – my plans for Sunday did not even remotely pan out. There was no sitting with tea. No cake. Steph read me the first three chapters while I did endless amounts of dishes left from our party Saturday night.

While I'm reading the final book, I'm concurrently reading the fifth book, which I started while Steph had our copy of the seventh. I couldn't help but be struck by Harry's court appearance, beginning with his "prayer" at the memorial fountain that if he was successful, he'd leave seven Galleons in the fountain. (You'll have to excuse errors of fact, as I am at work, waiting for some PDFs to distil, and have not either book with me.) One could, if one liked, read this as a prayer to Apollon; both the seven and the fact that the fountain's proceeds go to a hospital seem significant. Harry is, finally, triumphant, after some Hermes-esque manoeuvring from Dumbledore, and is faithful to his oath; so much so that he actually tips the whole of his moneybag into the fountain.

It made me smile, seeing that image this time around, as it resembles the silver coins I leave for Hermes at the intersection near our home.


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