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Why is it that even though you've installed the wireless router exactly according to directions, that it now not only won't talk to either computer I have set up, but also won't talk to the internet? I have turned it off at the wall. If it won't work, it doesn't get any power. This is a punishment, and also a sensible energy saving whatsit.

I am finally connected to the internet at home! Admittedly by plugging directly into the modem (having moved my enormous heavy PC to the other end of the house in order to install the wireless router as my laptop didn't have an ethernet socket), but it's done. Only took me all morning.

God, I wanted to leave for work an hour and a half ago. :(( At least I got this done, and our contents insured. I can breathe slightly easier when leaving the house.

Off to work. I have to get a stupid manuscript off the the printer today, liek OMG it should have been ready a month ago!!. I don't care. It wasn't my project until last Friday. Hmph. Still, CD's burnt, and MS is printed, so I just have to arrange for a courier now. Then get back to the other new project I was given on Friday, and finish off putting in the changes to the Quark file. I hate Quark. Why can't we all switch to InDesign? InDesign makes SENSE. Stupid Quark and its complete lack of "insert symbol" menu item, or in fact anything useless. ARGH.

Or maybe I should do the other OTHER MS I'm working on, where I have to create image files of all the headings because we don't have the font the author wants in Postscript format.

I also want to read over the page of notes I took during yesterday's Production Meeting. It's a big long to-do list (except for the bit which is a list of all the new books I'm taking on), and I don't remember a single item on there.

I wonder if I can pick up some worms on the way to work? Hmm. (For our BRAND NEW WORM FARM, you see. It's very exciting, but the hardware shop was all out of composting worms, so it's mostly just collecting dew on its roof at the moment.)
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I am fricking tired. Once again I end up tireder at the end of the weekend than at the beginning, but I suspect that the end of Daylight Savings may have something to do with it.

I have been so tired lately, as I have been working two jobs (both part time). So today was my last day at The Nursing Home, and I manage to agree to work at Another Nursing Home for two days this week. I only agreed to Mum passing my mobile on because I thought I'd be a last resort. I guess I was. At least I can leave early. I have them at my mercy, mwaha.

This means that his week, I will be working three jobs: the first nursing home, that I've just finished, the second nursing home (Wednesday and Friday), and my Actual Job (Tuesday and Thursday). And let's not forget the freelance editing I have to do for my Actual Job (just worked a bit on it right now, as a matter of fact, but it's hard to concentrate with V upstairs having TV louder than humanly copable), and the edit of an academic paper for smooth use of English (author is Danish), which I said I'd do this week.


I'm not allowed to worry about money. Whenever I do, I get myself woefully overcommitted. Whether the overcommittedness is my fault (through money worry) or the universe's (she's worried she doesn't work enough! Let's give her LOTS to do) seems a moot point.

I can't wait for next week, when all I'll have to do is ... pack and move house. Argh.
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I just applied for an editorial assistant position with an educational publisher ...

... and left an excerpt of the job ad attached to the top of the letter. I am a fucking moron. Well, at least this time I attached my resume.

It's a bit nerve-wracking, sometimes, applying for editing jobs. It's like applying to be God. If you let your omnipotence slip for one second ...
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Check out this. It's a little ditty about a giant green lizard destroying the Earth, and is truly AWESOME. So cool. I think I'm gonna watch it again. My favourite bit is how the lizard has little glasses.

Oh, I'd recommend you watch this. It's very well done. Amusing with a whack of pathos at the end.

So, job. I've applied for another one at Oxbridge, and they gave me a call today to say they had my resume, and didn't realise I wanted full-time work (I'd applied for a part-time position earlier this year, but they ended filling it from within). I think this is a positive sign.

I also applied tonight for an editorial assistant position at [publisher]. They basically want an admin assistant with frills, which is pretty much me ... I wrote three pages on my cover letter. This is two and a half more than usual, but they requested I answer their criteria.

Work continues to both suck and rock. I'm working at a brand new aged care home – temp company 1 sorted it for me without even knowing I had a background in aged care administration. I had a stupid amount of work given to me today, and I couldn't get it all – or even half of it – done. This is what happens when your receptionist/admin assistant is a moron and doesn't think to set up a database (I can no longer direct my snark at the girl I replaced. She is attempting to straighten the office based on what the girl before her left behind. Still, I suspect I am more knowledgable etc than girl-I-replaced. I know I have better spelling. STILL! I will not snark!), so you have no list of resident next-of-kin or staff addresses. This sucks when the manager asks you to send out a letter of introduction to EVERY cognisant resident, all residents' next-of-kin, staff and attending doctors. It also severely sucks when you can't find your predecessor's stash of sticky labels so you have to label the envelopes BY HAND.

But! the people are nice, I'm going to have a ball writing a how-to manual for reception (if I can find the time around the endless addressing-of-envelopes), and the outgoing manager told me that I ROXXOR HER SOXXORS (well, near enough).

I got asked twice today why I didn't switch my (own, personal) air conditioner on. Well, because I was not that hot! Also, I am trying to acclimatise myself to summer by not refrigerating myself. Not to mention the savings in electricity.

Also, one of the RN div 1s told me today that I looked like the perfect receptionist "like out of a book". I think this was meant to be a compliment; I choose to presume that in COMMUNIST RUSSIA (her name is Olga. Surely she has to come from Communist Russia or there is no justice in the world) receptionists are revered above all persons, including presidents. I'm not quite sure how I look like the "perfect receptionist". Perhaps it was my long hem (losing weight has dropped the hem an inch or so even lower) on my skirt – though it is a nifty handkerchief hem! I'm not sure where my chic 20s-influenced curls fit in. I don't know; maybe it was just my glasses.


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