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Nov. 30th, 2009 08:58 am
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  • Work: finish sending out the sale email to remaining schools (all 2100 of them) - would be complete if we didn't have a 500 email limit per hour. Wish I'd known this beforehand and didn't have to resend 1200 emails. Done
  • Write up my practice from last night Done
  • Make a start on the nine more job applications I have to get done this week — Contacted one of my temp companies to update my hours; updated my resume
  • Buy remaining ingredients for Christmas pudding
  • Buy stickers to reject unwanted possessions with
  • Make morris pudding
  • If time, make small puddings for my family and work/Kirsty?
  • Cycle to morris!
  • BONUS: Reject unwanted possessions using stickers.
OMG, early Christmas present! Chris bought me a copy of Guild Wars. Now I have to wait until I've done my to-do list ... but talk about motivation to get things done!

Woohoo! Thanks so much, Chris. I'll let you know how I like it once I've had a chance to play. *does a little dance of happy*
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1. We went op-shopping on the weekend. I have raised my geek quotient with a purchase of two pairs of corduroy pants and one corduroy jacket, temporarily increasing my total corduroy horde to four pairs of pants and two jackets. I got an awesome pair of purple cords, which I'm really pleased about. You can all be jealous. The corduroy loves me.

1a. Steph was disappointed that she couldn't get her hands (literally) in my pants, yesterday. I do not think she quite understood the implications of me in properly fitting pants.

1b. Aha, Saturday was so "Down with teh Man" day. Nat and I did our weekly shop at CERES, then we went op-shopping, and we had lunch at Lentil As Anything. Also, we only used public transport and our FEETS for getting around.

2. I kept thinking about Hamlet this morning; specifically, his name. I kept thinking it was a dumb name for a protaganist. I mean, "Village"? Come on.

3. I am currently writing a folk tale in my head to go with my food blog. I have unshelved Jess's copy of Folktales of Germany to inspire me, and to get the right voice in my head.

4. ... I had another epiphany yesterday, about derivative works. It was on par with "House=Holmes" (which I will, one day, probably write an essay on), but I cannot recall what it was about. Probably Supernatural, as we watched four episodes yesterday.

5. OK, admittedly I don't really remember the earlier Who episodes (being about eight years old when they were screened), and most of what I do remember is illustrated with pictures from my parents' Doctor Who Cookbook, but isn't the recent Cybermen storyline awfully like Davros and his Daleks?

...I'm probably wildly wrong about this.

5a. I like the fact that popular culture has swung around to the point that I can now say: "My parents' Doctor Who Cookbook" or, "My sister was named for two of the Doctor's companions" and have people amused/awed instead of bewildered and derisive.

5b. We are so close to finishing watching season 3 er, 2. (TWO! In conclusion, totally two.) Then what will we do for kicks?? :((

6. I went swimming on Sunday. Some of the time I swam laps, some of it I just walked through the water, since the point of the exercise was both ... well, exercise, and relaxation. Oh, and I saw my sister's friend Melanie (who I keep wanting to call Melissa). She apparently lives a short walk from me, as the sports centre she works at (and I swam at) is bang between our two houses.

7. My lower back hurts. And behind my left shoulderblade. I'm hoping that if I keep going swimming (especially practising my butterfly kick ... I'd say practising my butterfly, but I'm too incompetant to do that in public), I'll strengthen my muscles so that I won't get chronic back pain any more. Or at least not as much.

7a. I want a corset again. Corsets help me to sit at computers with better posture, and help my back not hurt.

8. ...That is all. There is no number eight.

9. No, wait, there was! This keyboard has a strange loathing of spaces which is inexplicable and annoying. I see it's behaving itself now, though.

10. Oh, yeah! that's right. While I am jealous of everyone going to the Phoenix Rising con, I keep thinking it has something to do with X-Men. You do not need to know exactly how much X-Men I read while sick-and-taking-antibiotics a few weeks ago.

11. I can't wait until I have the chance to get to the library and sign up. Maybe with the library in walking distance I wouldn't have quite so many overdue books.

12. [ profile] chennpug has been writing about knitting socks, and I want to try too! Unfortunately, the only thing I have knitted was a scarf, and I didn't even finish that off due to RSI. I don't know how to use circular needles, and I don't know how to read a pattern. I also only know the standard er, stitch? I could probably find all this online, but I'm nervous. Ah, well. It's not like I'm going to get to Spotlight for a little while, anyway.

13. This time, I think it really is all.


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