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 So Gmail's trying to sell me on a robot vacuum cleaner. A Robomaid, to be precise. It's been the only ad at the top of my inbox for most of today. Based on what analysis of my inbox, I'm not sure, but that's what's in my future, apparently. Robot vacuums.

I have to admit, I'm a little tempted. I've thought about getting one before. [personal profile] copperbadge is lifelong friends with his Roomba. And I quite like a good vacuumed floor. I just hate unpacking the damn machine from whatever corner it's been stowed in and packing it away again when you're done. (The alternative, of leaving the machine perpetually set up in a messy tangle, also makes me grind my teeth.) 

Also, with my chronic muscle tension/pain in my neck, shoulders and back, the idea of doing the vacuum is a far more insurmountable thing than the actual task of the vacuuming (although vacuuming is tiring, especially in the house I currently live in, which is two floors and has *stairs*, a rare thing in Australian homes, which are largely in the Californian bungalow vein).

Another good reason is that, as [personal profile] copperbadge says, Roombas aren't so much vacuum cleaners as they are pets. I'm still renting, and still renting in Australia, which means that having an animal isn't just a commitment to the pet's welfare and sanity and vet bills, but also to potentially locking yourself out of the majority of the available rental properties. It's just a thing that is. And although I desperately want a dog, a small part of me is perpetually scared that I'm going to have to move – again – and I won't be able to find anywhere to live. And although our landlords are okay about the idea of our getting a pet, they're only okay with it, and would much rather that we got a cat (if we get anything at all). I'm allergic to cats. And we've killed several of the large plants in our gardens (the horrible hedge strip and a large tree fern in the front yard and another weird thing and most of the ugly roses) through a combination of casual neglect, conspiracy with the Australian environment and the fact that the built-in watering systems don't work very well. I don't want to push my luck.

The robot vacuums are still $400, and I don't have $400 hanging around. But maybe if I put in my goddamn tax return already (in time for the end of the NEXT FINANCIAL YEAR at the end of this month, WTFBBQ), maybe I'll have a magic refund. Who knows?

So I poked around the website, and read the Testimonials, mostly because I was curious as to what sampling they chose to publish. A lot of the testimonials come from their Facebook page, which is very New Media. And most of them had named them. 

I was surprised at the first time I saw a male name attached to a device called a Robomaid. And then I was intrigued by my surprise. I don't think it's just that the robot's model name is gendered (although that's partly it). I think it's also that response that we have coded into us by Western society that it's The Girl's Job To Clean. And it's interesting to note the names that different people gave theirs: Lady, Rosy (after the Jetson's maid, I can't help wondering), Ruby, Rambo, R2D2, Gidget.

But the main reason, really, when it comes down to it, is that it comes in bright red and is PRETTY (for a given value, considering I'm not a fan of most industrial design styles). I want to spray paint a yellow design on it and call it Tony Stark. 
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So, there's three of us, like the Three Musketeers but female and writers. 'Cause we are. We'll all get published or die trying. I'd write a little bit about how each of us fits one of the characters except I never got around to reading it (yet) and I haven't seen any of the films. I think one character's called Aramis, and that's all you're getting, I'm afraid.

So, J is all in favour of the writing prompt. And I agree with her; you begin with prompts and all of a sudden you're back in the middle of your abandoned third chapter with a new idea for a villain. But I just haven't been sitting down and writing from the prompts she posts.

...but I have been thinking about fanfic again. The first one was spawned from this:

(Stoleded from Tumblr)

Which caused Dee and me to have a lengthy email conversation fleshing out the world. Hells, this would be so much fun to write.

The other one is this photoset here, which apparently I stupidly didn't reblog so I had to go a-Googling. This is the text below the photoset:
Alternative Universe: Eleven & Amy Pond - Time Lady & Human

My name is John Smith. I guess you could say I used to be an ‘ordinary bloke’; a little bit on the awkward side with a boring job and a small flat next to the pub. A year ago I saw a box falling right out of the sky, and then a woman coming out of the box. She called herself the Doctor. She was ginger, she talked a lot and she took my hand and we started running. We haven’t stopped since.

She calls me ‘her stupid idiot’. She hates my clothes. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Which gives me all the feels. I want to rewrite Modern Who with this as Copperbadge did for Torchwood with his Torchwood USA.

... Although I should probably start with something that isn't going to be longfic, like finishing the story I began below this image:
“Once upon a time, a baby princess was born. Her skin was the warm brown of cinnamon, her lips as red as pomegranate, and her hair as black as night …”


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